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  Compilation of FAQ: The United States of America
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   Author  Topic: Compilation of FAQ: The United States of America  (Read 2002 times)

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Compilation of FAQ: The United States of America
« on: 2002-07-12 01:35:17 »
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I'd like to inform all members of the Church of Virus that I am developing a modularized FAQ on the topic of The United States of America. If anyone would like to contribute please email me at daemonikan@cox.net. Thank you.

The FAQ will serve as a reference for those interested in debating America and its advancement. It will also provide rational Virian truth to how the American government works, facts and figures, and the results of independent research. It will clarify, correct, and append to the many of the arguments and articles appearing in previous debates.

If you wish to contribute, please refrain from including opinion. If you cannot resist including opinion, please mark it as opinion. Every submission will be thoroughly reviewed and checked for discrepancies.

Submission Requirements:

    Must be readable in Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Office (preferred).
    Must be a college-level English composition
    Must be original
    Must be factual
    Must look good on paper
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Cassidy McGurk

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Re:Compilation of FAQ: The United States of America
« Reply #1 on: 2002-07-15 11:24:27 »
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>Must be a college-level English compositio

really? it's got to be that bad
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Re:Compilation of FAQ: The United States of America
« Reply #2 on: 2002-07-15 15:21:38 »
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Two Questions:

1) Why, oh why put it into some lame-ass, non-public standard format? What is wrong with XML?

2) How do you remove the observer's perspective from an analysis? There are no "God perspectives." No model (document) can contain all possible information (the terrain) and, as such, all maps (reports) are selective in what they display and as such are biased. A brief comparison with the strident trumpets of war being sounded by the administration (good for electoral prospects) and US media (good for ratings) with a less partisan source (e.g. "The ultimate terrorist ... America itself") may illustrate this simple principle.

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