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2003-01-10 15:33:46 #virus from 2003-01-10 15:30:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
15:33:46LuciferLurkingOphis, do you think AI can reach human levels and beyond?

sat (~Bolverker@[death to spam].1Cust73.tnt1.steamboat-springs.co.da.uu.net) has joined #virus

15:34:57OphisI think they will but I don't think we're anywhere close to that.
15:35:52OphisWhat do you think Lucifer. You're the expert on the matter aren't you?
15:36:15LuciferLurkingBy some definitions I am an expert on AI
15:37:10OphisSo how far away are we to have an AI being able to run our enterprises and research departments?
15:37:16LuciferLurkingBefore I answer, how would relate where we are today with AI comparing it to going to the moon?
15:37:57satAccording to guiys like Ray Kurzwiel we are about 30 years away from that Ophis.
15:37:59OphisAIs can now take-off and land airplanes. That's a small step for AIs but a big step for is right?
15:38:07satBut I personaly have no idea.
15:38:38OphisIt seems to me that we are missing a critical factor of creativity, or maybe it's just complexity?
15:38:57LuciferLurkingDo you think today we are more like Goddard launching model rockets, or da Vinci drawing pictures of flying machines?
15:39:15satda Vinci
15:39:19OphisI think that we are closer to DaVinci
15:39:56satA lot of the transhumanist stuff is fascinating, but seems like sci-fantasy in many ways.
15:40:12satKinda like sceintific occultism.
15:40:45LuciferLurkingAre you talking about nanotechnology and/or AI and/or cryonics and/or uploading?
15:41:15OphisLet's stick to AI.
15:41:32satall of it. I mean I've considered cryonics and the subsets of reanimation, but it does seem far fetched.
15:42:06LuciferLurkingDo you think technological progress is going to start slowing down?
15:42:46satNo I see it accelerating. But the leafs and nodes of where it goes and what happens are to complex.
15:42:47OphisI don't think so. But making things smaller and faster is different from coming up with a breakthrough like artificial creativity
15:43:46satthe proof of principle for artificial creativity in in the evolutionary process.
15:43:59OphisThen again, I guess I'd need a good definition of creativity in order to be able to criticize AI's lack of it.
15:44:06OphisFutura what is creativity
15:44:07FuturaOphis: Ummm...I dont know.
15:44:12OphisFigures :-)
15:44:13satIf evelution, a sloppy slow programmer, can do it so can we.
15:44:35satWhat is Ai Futura/
15:44:36Futurasat: Ummm...I dont know.
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