On this site a religion is defined as an institution that has the purpose of conferring meaning onto the lives of its adherents. This definition is unusual in that it makes no reference to deities, faith or the supernatural. However it is best description I have discovered so far that includes the religions listed below, while excluding other possibilities.

-- DavidLucifer

In other words, religion is largely considered as a matter of hermeneutics. However, it should be recalled that religion is also a matter of social organisation. See AtheisticReligion --- VectorKharin

Religion before 2000.B.C.E

httpImportant Dates in the History of Religion

httpTimeline of world religions

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Rewards and benefits of formal and organised religion aka. pros of religion

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How religion betrayed man aka cons of religion

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Related humour

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Also see AtheisticReligion, WorldReligions and InterestingReligions.

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