This Page exists to index all VirianWiki pages related to individuals, real and imaginary, allowing ease of reference.

Names are prefixed by Person.

Individual names must be entered as PersonSurnameFirstName.

WikiObjection: What's wrong with SurnameFirstname? or even FirstnameSurname?? -- DavidLucifer

VectorHermit As the Wiki provides very limited means for grouping and subgrouping material, the choice of prefices for groups of related material will provide a clustering effect in indices.

VectorHermit Technically this approach is faulty, as labels should not carry meaning (they are attributes of an entry), and the approach adopted here is inherently a "single rooted effect." Nevertheless, we work with what we have. When this is CMFed the Person label can be stripped, as can other labels, e.g. VectorX, PlaceY, WikiZ, having accomplished their major task (as I see it) of serving as the primary means of establishing which items are related.

VectorHermit Were we not to adopt a convention, then automated identification of the entry components will not be possible, given that the wiki provides no attribute template facility. We use Surname before Lastname simply because this is the primary approach taken by other biographical and lexicographical systems (e.g. This ordering is used by all libraries (including the other methodological conventions shown below, as well as by the DublinCore?).

Where names contain prefixes (e.g. van, von, der, de, L'), these must be omitted. e.g. Hendrick van der Loon becomes PersonLoonHendrick.

Where multipart names exist, if these are hyphenated, the hyphen must be retained. If comprised of space separated words, the spaces must be removed.

Where only a first name or only a surname is available, the name must be used alone.

Where a name clash occurs (i.e. two people sharing a name), a descriptive suffix must be hyphenated to the name.

Where a person is better known by a nom-de-plume or alias, the nom-de-plume or alias should be entered along with a cross-reference to the realname which must contain the main entry for that person.

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