Hints for effective use of the Virian Wiki


Think about how people are going to find the page you are creating. What category does it fall under?

Create a Cookie Trail which will add your page to the index.

Consider adding additional links below the Cookie Trail and before the Page Title.

Make the Page Title meaningful.

Remember that White Space is your - and your reader's friend.

To delete a page, simply erase all the contents and then select [Save].

If you have difficulty with formatting, try toggling the state of the wildly unpredictable "Use new markup" checkbox before saving and see if that helps.

Remember that you can add AdminAttention <Reason> to any page in order to request attention.

Some useful WikiExpressions

[Google! | Google:<word to find>] interwikiGoogle!

<?plugin BackLinks?> Provides a list of pages linking to the page on which it is inserted.

Last edited on Tuesday, September 2, 2003 1:19:58 pm.