The VirusNomicon rule set may only be updated by the NomiconScribe.

1. Name of the game {Rule-2}

This game of Nomic is called VirusNomicon and its purpose is to govern the evolution of the VirusDoctrine?.

2. Play by the rules {Rule-6}

All NomiconPlayers will abide by the rules of VirusNomicon. If a player breaks a rule, another player may submit a proposal to have the transgressor removed from the game. Proposals to remove a player do not need the agreement of the player in question to pass. If passed the NomiconScribe will remove the player from the list of NomiconPlayers.

3. Concensus {Rule-1}

All NomiconPlayers must agree to any changes to the game.

4. Rules: consistency and conflict {Rule-8}

All NomiconPlayers should strive for consistency in the VirusNomicon. Where there is conflict between rules the more specific takes precedence over the more general. If there is still conflict, the rule with the the lesser ID number takes precedence over the other. Wherever inconsistency is discovered it should be resolved by changing the rules.

5. Proposals {Rule-4}

At any time one of the NomiconPlayers may submit a proposal by adding it to the NomiconRecord in the canonical format. If all NomiconPlayers agree to the proposal, the modifications it requires are made. The new rule is given a unique number (same number as the proposal that generated the rule) and the NomiconScribe will add the rule to the VirusNomicon. The new rule will also be given a unique title (which may be suggested in the proposal).

6. Join the fun {Rule-7}

A new player may join the game if a proposal to add the player to the NomiconPlayers is passed at which time the NomiconScribe will add the player to the official roster. Only members of the VirusCommunity? may join the VirusNomicon.

7. Participation is voluntary {Rule-10}

At any time a player can opt out of the game by making a proposal to remove themself from the NomiconPlayers. A proposal of this type automatically passes, at which time the NomiconScribe will remove the player from the roster.

8. Keep the ruleset tidy {Rule-11}

The NomiconScribe is free to make as many corrections of spelling and layout of the VirusNomicon as they see fit, provided that these changes do not affect the wording or meaning of the rules. They need not inform the players of these corrections. Sections may be added. Rules may be moved between sections. Rules may be renumbered within sections.

9. The scribe {Rule-12}

DavidLucifer will fill the position of NomiconScribe.

10. Free for all {Rule-13}

Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a rule is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of changing the rules, which is permitted only when a rule or set of rules explicitly or implicitly permits it.

11. Tenets {Rule-14}

Humans share a common ancestor with all organisms that live on earth.

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