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Initially scribbled by VectorRhinoceros. Some embedded comments by VectorHermit.

Virian Projects consists of collective creative efforts by Virians using the resources of the Church of Virus. It is part of the operation of CoV.

The Church of Virus has:

- Guiding principles - Facilities (BBS/list, Wiki, IRC, online and real world resources offered by members) - Members - Vested knowledge and policies

The objective of this page is to facilitate the development of various memetic efforts to some depth by giving them a chance to have a greenhouse of their own, so that they won't be shot to the ground before they are ready to compete.

What CoV currently offers is a framework, available to its members, for creating projects on anything they find worth pursuing, beneficial, stimulating, or just plain entertaining, in groups organized in the way of their choice and using the suitable facilities, according to some guiding principles of the CoV community.

A project can expect assistance or resources from fellow Virians to the extent it convinces them that it is a worthwhile cause. Important and successfull projects will be praised by the community, which will add to their scope (the Meridion reputation and voting system could be used for this purpose). Unsuccessful projects will be forgotten. Objectionable projects will be either banned or labeled heretic and left to their own. Some projects may have a special global status in the community (maybe the Ideohazard ezine qualifies for one)<We already have an IdeoHazard tree root, but this may be a good idea for further development>, with their rules set by the community.

<I have not established a rule on announcements, but this might be rephrased to take the Wiki rules-set established at the top of the page into account> Any virian who is allowed access to the Wiki (reputation 6+) can start a project by creating a Wiki page of the form VirianProjectXxxxxx, set the goals and some ground rules, announce it in the online facilities of CoV (BBS, mailing list, IRC), promote it, and seek members. The actual work will be done in the other facilities of CoV, but a clear account of the project, its achievements, its status, the rules, and all the links to the facilities it uses should be present somewhere (its Wiki page is a good place for that). Maybe we can also have a Projects section on the BBS later.

More to follow. Add your thought here.

Comment by VectorFlux: Shouldn't ChurchOfVirus/Tasks be upgraded and included to this new structure?

Comment by VectorRhinoceros: True. The idea was that this one should be just an indexing point and that the projects themselves could be located anywhere in the resources of CoV. The Tasks page seem to be a similar effort, and most of the tasks it contains are actual projects which can be indexed here.

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