A member of the CoV community who has lived many years ;-) Wiki seems to want me to describe Rhino, but I think I will leave the rest of that up to Rhino. Or maybe VectorZloduska can describe him since she refuses to describe herself. Feel free to erase or reformat this with your own stuff and your own way, Rhino, as this VirusCommunity? page now belongs to you! Happy Birthday. Love, - VectorJakeSapiens

Another legend has it that very few can describe the elusive rhinoceros, and those who can, shudder at the thought. It is believed by some that even High Priestess Zloduska, who summoned the rhinoceros to the CoV, only did so by blindly uttering the arcane Million Light Years incantation without being fully aware of what she was unleashing upon the CoV. - The rhinoceros.

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