Kharin is an opinionated and sarcastic curmudgeon who makes the narrator of Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground seem notable for his cheerful and sunny disposition by way of comparison. His heroes include Miss Wade from Little Dorrit and Avon from Blake's 7. Kharin's interests include literature, music, politics and total world domination.

Some posts: ArthurSchopenhauer, AtheisticReligion, BrainInAJar, Empathy, FriedrichHayek, FriedrichNietzsche, GeorgeEliot, JeanPaulSartre, JeremyBentham, JohnStuartMill, KarlPopper, Kierkegaard, MichaelOakeshott, MichelFoucault, RichardRorty, UmbertoEco, AnthonyGiddens, morals, ethics, OnFascism, OnCommunism. Main thread seems to relate to such issues as decentralisation and uncertainty.


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