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The 3 Virian Virtues

No other system of thought in history has proven more effective. If truth is the goal, rationality is the way. A good Virion will endeavor to hold a consistent set of beliefs and act in accordance with those beliefs. Think critically, act rationally.

If anything, the ability to see from another's perspective is what sets humans apart from the rest of the animals. It is the basis of many of the qualities that we hold in highest regard: kindness, charity, mercy, welfare, forgiveness. Far from being irrational, empathy confers a distinct advantage in any social situation. It provides a foundation for promises, contracts, and deals. To a large extent it is the glue that binds society.

Vision is the name we give to the quality of possessing a perspective that goes well beyond the individual in terms of space and time. All too often people make perfectly rational decisions which turn out to be bad because they were framed with too limited a scope. They fail to consider the real consequences (meaning) of their actions.


H o m e
A b o u t
S i n s
V i r t u e s
S a i nt s
L e x i c o n
B o o k s
L i n k s
C o n t a c t