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2023-09-23 04:09:50 CoV Wiki
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Limiting daily posts

The number of daily posts will be limited to (1+reputation).

Yes96.34 (99.89%)
No0.11 (0.11%)
Other (please explain)0.00 (0.00%)

decisiveness (96.23%)
unvoted equity (3.22%)
voted equity (96.78%)

16 Voters: David Lucifer, goomba, MoEnzyme, Sat, Cassidy McGurk, Blunderov, Mermaid, Walter Watts, Hermit, Ophis, teh, Kid-A, Pabreetzio, DJ dAndroid, pickler, Casey,
votervoted forcomment
David LuciferYes
no comment
no comment
Why let lowly rated members of the bbs spam us? They have low ratings for a reason.
Cassidy McGurkprivateno comment
It's long past-due
no comment
about fucking time.
Walter WattsYes
Yes, yes, yes! Thank-you.
Ophisprivateno comment
tehprivateno comment
Kid-Aprivateno comment
Pabreetzioprivateno comment
DJ dAndroidprivateno comment
picklerprivateno comment
Caseyprivateno comment

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