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Have ETs visited earth?

Has earth ever been visited by an extraterrestrial civilization?

Necessarily true0.00 (0.00%)
Certainly true0.00 (0.00%)
Probably true0.26 (0.28%)
I don't know1.28 (1.34%)
Probably not93.35 (98.26%)
Certainly not0.12 (0.12%)
Impossible0.00 (0.00%)

decisiveness (92.07%)
unvoted equity (5.00%)
voted equity (95.00%)

30 Voters: Sat, rhinoceros, David Lucifer, Ophis, Casey, ObfuscatoryAlias, ElvenSage, DrSebby, Walter Watts, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, Kid-A, Drakeo Vortex, chippedlogic, Rhysenn, Pabreetzio, MoEnzyme, Azareph, Hermit, simul, prometheus, pickler, archangelsin, goomba, falcox, teh, deusdiabolus, Fox, letheomaniac, Bohandez,
votervoted forcomment
Satprivateno comment
David LuciferProbably not
no comment
rhinocerosI don't know
no comment
OphisProbably true
The conspiracy theorist in me makes me lean in the "probably true" camp, otherwize, I don't know
Caseyprivateno comment
ObfuscatoryAliasCertainly not
ElvenSageprivateno comment
DrSebbyProbably true
the technology requisite to pull such things off...would most likely also indicate a passive approach to observing or visiting a more primitive civilization. e.g. while the intellectual marvels at an anthill, a rambunctous child will oft destroy it.
Walter WattsProbably not
no comment
Alex Future BokovProbably not
no comment
DJ dAndroidProbably not
But I still get a little nervous Re: abduction_theory - late at night...
Kid-AI don't know
no comment
Drakeo VortexProbably not
no comment
chippedlogicprivateno comment
Rhysennprivateno comment
PabreetzioCertainly not
no comment
MoEnzymeProbably not
no comment
AzarephCertainly true
no comment
HermitProbably not
Based on observed self-destruction and likelihood of species elimination (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma_ray_bursts#Mass_extinction_on_Earth) it seems unlikely that any civilization has made it here.
simulProbably true
in the form of bacteria which seeded life on earth
prometheusProbably not
no comment
picklerProbably not
no comment
archangelsinCertainly true
no comment
goombaI don't know
who da heck knows neways rite?
falcoxI don't know
Couldn't answer this one.. I have no proof either way. I'd like to think its possible.
tehProbably not
no comment
deusdiabolusProbably true
...although it's a wonder they haven't destroyed us.
FoxCertainly not
Given the SETI experiments/observations, I weyken that there is no (intelligent) extraterrestrial civilization within at lest a 46 light-year radius of Earth.
letheomaniacProbably not
Don't think that they would be interested. Earth is probably the Somalia of the galaxy.
BohandezCertainly not
no comment

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