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Should voting records be public?

Should voting records be public? By this what is meant not, what is voted for, but who voted - and who did not?

Make voting records public92.17 (97.82%)
Do not make voting records public2.04 (2.17%)
I abstain0.02 (0.02%)

decisiveness (90.13%)
unvoted equity (5.77%)
voted equity (94.23%)

20 Voters: Hermit, ElvenSage, goomba, rhinoceros, Ophis, Flux, Kharin, Kid-A, DrSebby, outlawpoet, RavenBlack, prometheus, Walter Watts, Hermitess, referent, opsima, the.bricoleur, Warlock, Smucker, David Lucifer,
votervoted forcomment

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