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2023-09-23 04:51:37 CoV Wiki
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Disownment: Period before rejoin application allowed.

What period after disownment should ex-members be allowed to reapply for membership

3 months0.64 (0.67%)
6 months0.25 (0.26%)
1 year94.29 (99.07%)
never0.00 (0.00%)

decisiveness (93.65%)
unvoted equity (4.83%)
voted equity (95.17%)

14 Voters: Hermit, Hermitess, Blunderov, referent, Walter Watts, Rhysenn, ElvenSage, goomba, MoEnzyme, David Lucifer, Ophis, rhinoceros, Flux, Kid-A,
votervoted forcomment
Kid-Aprivateno comment

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