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Original material only?

Should the best of virus include only original material?

yes10.30 (10.46%)
no, 3rd party material is OK88.17 (89.54%)

decisiveness (77.86%)
unvoted equity (1.52%)
voted equity (98.48%)

53 Voters: Kharin, Hermit, Cassidy McGurk, Kid-A, Walter Watts, David Lucifer, MoEnzyme, Hermitess, DrSebby, Blunderov, rhinoceros, Sat, Ophis, goomba, ElvenSage, referent, JerryLee, RavenBlack, outlawpoet, prometheus, opsima, the.bricoleur, Warlock, Smucker, RenegadeSocial, Kalkor, Zloduska, Mermaid, Casey, michelle, Flux, Lukian The Wizard, simul, Aryn Ravenlocke, metahuman, Galt, Atheist Crusader, Matt Arnold, LenKen, Joe Dees, Drakeo Vortex, Heretician, DJ dAndroid, subdermal, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, Azareph, pickler, archangelsin, teh, deusdiabolus, letheomaniac, Bohandez,
votervoted forcomment
Mermaidprivateno comment
Caseyprivateno comment
Fluxno, 3rd party material is OK
Anything that still relates to Virus, for example something read by us, then discussed by us, or that effects us in other ways should be able to be relevant. The included material of 'Best of Virus' could still be voted on.
Lukian The Wizardprivateno comment
Yes, but we shold rip off ideas, just shy of plagarism, where possible.
Aryn Ravenlockeprivateno comment
It cannot be the "Best of Virus" if the works are not Virian originals. However, a discussion log could be considered original material, but the topic, if 3rd party, is not therefore I see it as unacceptable as a standalone submission.
Galtno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
Atheist Crusaderprivateno comment
To say that it’s the “Best of Virus” implies that it’s the best of Virions—with the obvious exception of quotations of up to, say, 250 words.
Joe Deesyes
no comment
Drakeo Vortexyes
no comment
no comment
JerryLeeno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
Hereticianprivateno comment
DJ dAndroidyes
no comment
refences should go in a seperate structure, like 'CoV reader's appendix' or something
chippedlogicprivateno comment
Pabreetzioprivateno comment
Azarephprivateno comment
Hermitno, 3rd party material is OK
Sometimes something external and short captures a moment. If that thing were posted - although not authored - or authored but not for the Church of Virus, I see no reason to bar it from consideration.
picklerno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
archangelsinno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
tehno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
Cassidy McGurkprivateno comment
deusdiabolusno, 3rd party material is OK
although 3rd party material usage can lead to copyright issues...
letheomaniacno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment
Bohandezno, 3rd party material is OK
I think that any kind of knowledge should be included as long as it's good for the general public and the license is honoured.
Satno, 3rd party material is OK
no comment

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