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Should it be possible to withdraw?

Should members in the reputation system be allowed to leave the game?

Yes2.20 (2.25%)
No95.73 (97.75%)

decisiveness (93.53%)
unvoted equity (2.06%)
voted equity (97.94%)

45 Voters: Sat, Ophis, Hermit, Kid-A, referent, David Lucifer, prometheus, Joe Dees, Walter Watts, Hermitess, rhinoceros, ElvenSage, Cassidy McGurk, Flux, MoEnzyme, outlawpoet, DrSebby, goomba, Feagwath, Blunderov, RavenBlack, opsima, Warlock, the.bricoleur, Smucker, Kalkor, Zloduska, Mermaid, Casey, michelle, Lukian The Wizard, simul, metahuman, Galt, Atheist Crusader, Matt Arnold, Heretician, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, Drakeo Vortex, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, teh, Bohandez,
votervoted forcomment
Mermaidprivateno comment
Caseyprivateno comment
Lukian The WizardYes
no comment
People can just sign up for a new account if they want to reset their reputation. Probably better to encourage that, then have some convoluted reset mechanism.
no comment
David LuciferNo
I don't think so because that would delete other members' opinions which you don't own.
Members should be allowed a once-a-month enable/disable option.
no comment
Atheist CrusaderYes
And I think we should get rid of people after a certain amount of inactivity unless they have priorly arranged something with the people who run this website. This would make the rating system much more representative of our active population, and I beli
Matt ArnoldNo
no comment
Joe DeesYes
no comment
Hereticianprivateno comment
Alex Future BokovYes
no comment
DJ dAndroidNo
no comment
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
chippedlogicprivateno comment
Pabreetzioprivateno comment
copy Lucifer's comment here.
If the person wishes to leave, then they simply stop using the account. (only problem is "mud sticks", so if someone bettered themselves it would be hard to reverse the bad rep., hehe penance I guess)
no comment
Bohandezprivateno comment

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