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How educated are you?

What is the highest level of education you have attained?

grade school1 (2.38%)
high school9 (21.43%)
diploma or certificate10 (23.81%)
undergraduate degree13 (30.95%)
postgraduate degree9 (21.43%)

not voted117 (73.58%)
voted42 (26.42%)

42 Voters: Sat, David Lucifer, Kid-A, opsima, Kalkor, rhinoceros, the.bricoleur, prometheus, Casey, Flux, DrSebby, Lukian The Wizard, Ophis, Walter Watts, outlawpoet, ElvenSage, simul, goomba, metahuman, Blunderov, Rhysenn, Galt, MoEnzyme, Gunit, Atheist Crusader, LenKen, Hermit, Hermitess, Matt Arnold, Joe Dees, michelle, nedwob, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, ObfuscatoryAlias, Drakeo Vortex, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, falcox, teh, letheomaniac,
votervoted forcomment
David Luciferpostgraduate degree
B.Sc. electrical engineering, M.Sc. computer science
opsimaundergraduate degree
Currently a working towards a MS in mathematics. Technically I don't have my BS yet, but do have the requirements for it.
Kalkordiploma or certificate
Graduated high school, F*d around in community college, got Journeyman in an electronics discipline from military, am working towards an unrelated cert now.
the.bricoleurdiploma or certificate
Diploma in Fashion Design as well as Audio Engineering.
prometheuspostgraduate degree
B.Sc and M.Sc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Caseyundergraduate degree
Plan on attending graduate school within the next year.
Fluxdiploma or certificate
no comment
Kid-Adiploma or certificate
Start at Nottingham Uni next year studying for Msc in Chemistry, 2 yrs of forensic science and toxicology then another 2 yrs of biotechnology
DrSebbyundergraduate degree
no comment
rhinocerosundergraduate degree
Ophisprivateno comment
Walter Wattsprivateno comment
outlawpoetdiploma or certificate
no comment
ElvenSageprivateCurrently going to college for a computer science degee. Complete Highschool. I have a tech degree in computer repair/networking.
simulprivateno comment
goombahigh school
no comment
metahumanprivateDegrees, degrees, degrees... as an entrepreneur, I find degrees unuseful. I go to college for the education not for the degrees.
Blunderovhigh school
A somewhat chequered school career! I left school early but completed my matriculation cerificate subsequently,before the authorities realised, too late, that I wasn't sufficiently qualified to sit for it at all. I hated school.
Rhysenndiploma or certificate
i'm in college at present, hope to get a PhD eventually
Galtpostgraduate degree
no comment
MoEnzymeprivateno comment
Satprivateno comment
Gunitundergraduate degree
Working on an B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering.
Lukian The Wizardundergraduate degree
Currently studying an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of ICT [e-commerce & web design])
Atheist Crusaderhigh school
I am in high school right now, and will be attending the UW next fall.
LenKenhigh school
I also have one year of college (social psychology major)—and am now “working” as a freelance writer / freelance gynecologist.
Hermitpostgraduate degree
no comment
Hermitesspostgraduate degree
no comment
Matt Arnoldundergraduate degree
4-year B.S. in Commercial Art
Joe Deespostgraduate degree
no comment
michellediploma or certificate
I ran around and went to 5 universities without attaining a damn degree. Isn't that silly? It'll be at least 8 by the time I'm done.
nedwobundergraduate degree
How long you stayed in educational establishments cannot be used to rate your education, some of the most qualified people i know are very ignorant
Alex Future Bokovundergraduate degree
no comment
DJ dAndroidprivateI think there should be a ballot choice for "school of life." Yes.
ObfuscatoryAliashigh school
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
chippedlogicundergraduate degree
working on duel B.A. majors in "Behavoral NeuroScience" "Anthropology" & duel A.S. in "Molecular Biology" and "Biotechnology".
Pabreetzioprivateno comment
picklerprivateno comment
falcoxdiploma or certificate
Computer Programmer
tehprivateno comment
letheomaniacdiploma or certificate
Went to art school then later studied graphic design.

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