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Banned topic: war and terrorism

Should the topics of war and terrorism continue to be banned on the list? (The Serious Business board on the BBS is currently the only valid forum for these topics) Vote re-opened 2006.06.08.

Lift the ban2.43 (2.69%)
Continue the ban88.02 (97.31%)

decisiveness (85.59%)
unvoted equity (9.48%)
voted equity (90.52%)

34 Voters: Matt Arnold, LenKen, Drakeo Vortex, Joe Dees, Walter Watts, rhinoceros, hkhenson@rogers.com, romanov, ElvenSage, Kid-A, opsima, Ophis, David Lucifer, DrSebby, Casey, the.bricoleur, Sat, prometheus, michelle, nedwob, outlawpoet, MoEnzyme, Blunderov, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, simul, Hermit, pickler, archangelsin, goomba, teh, letheomaniac,
votervoted forcomment
Matt ArnoldContinue the ban
Those of us who are tired of hearing this topic barge into our other discussions will hopefully receive better enforcement of the existing rule restricting it to the Serious Business section.
Drakeo VortexContinue the ban
These discussions are breeding grounds for non-virion behavior.
hkhenson@rogers.comContinue the ban
Current political material is on topic only if being used as examples
romanovprivateno comment
ElvenSageContinue the ban
no comment
rhinocerosLift the ban
We had better learn how to handle real life issues and the system should see to that.
Kid-ALift the ban
no comment
opsimaContinue the ban
no comment
OphisLift the ban
no comment
Joe DeesLift the ban
no comment
Walter WattsLift the ban
ABOUT FACE!!! -- echoing rhino -- We had better learn how to handle real life issues and the system should see to that.
David LuciferContinue the ban
I agree it is not the best solution, but we need something better in place first before lifting the ban
LenKenContinue the ban
This is probably the lesser of the two evils: Though Id prefer that no one be banned from the mailing list (well, maybe not no one), Id prefer even more that the mailing list remain interesting.
DrSebbyprivateno comment
CaseyContinue the ban
I'm with Lucifer on this one. Until a better solution comes to fruition, then this topic should be banned. I've no problems with the topic, per se. But, the list bombing of articles to the list has the tendency to lead to problems.
the.bricoleurprivateno comment
Satprivateno comment
prometheusprivateno comment
michelleContinue the ban
no comment
nedwobLift the ban
just because this TERROR meme (promoted by Bush etc.) is so affective espeically in US that does not mean we should ban its discussion, it must be exposed.
outlawpoetLift the ban
no comment
MoEnzymeLift the ban
echo Rhino. The problem isn't the topic but the disruptions of one person. Ban that person and not the topic.
BlunderovLift the ban
It seems to me the tinkerings with the reputation system are effective. In any case it seems absurd not to discuss what are the most momentous events this century.
Alex Future Bokovprivateno comment
DJ dAndroidLift the ban
no comment
chippedlogicContinue the ban
no comment
PabreetzioLift the ban
no comment
simulprivateno comment
HermitprivateAttempted topic bans are simply silly. If anything should be addressed, abuse, abusive behavior and repetitively abusive people should be managed via Meridion - rather than attempting to manage ideas.
picklerLift the ban
there are rules (of sorts) to safegaurd against abuse? then lift the ban and allow heated yet "respectful" discussion/debate. possibly a moderated section?
archangelsinContinue the ban
no comment
goombaContinue the ban
serious business sounds line a fine place for it
tehContinue the ban
no comment
letheomaniacLift the ban
Meridion works! War & terrorism are extremely relevant and should be discussed.

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