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The Illumination of Hypatia

Should we nominate Hypatia of Alexandria (Refer http://virus.lucifer.com/wiki/StHypatia) as a Virian Saint?

Accept this Nominee96.56 (98.81%)
Reject this Nominee0.95 (0.97%)
Abstain from this Vote0.22 (0.22%)

decisiveness (95.61%)
unvoted equity (1.57%)
voted equity (98.43%)

48 Voters: referent, Flux, Hermit, Ophis, rhinoceros, Kharin, Kid-A, DrSebby, David Lucifer, outlawpoet, RavenBlack, goomba, prometheus, MoEnzyme, Walter Watts, Hermitess, ElvenSage, Cassidy McGurk, RenegadeSocial, the.bricoleur, Kalkor, Casey, Sat, Mermaid, opsima, JD, se7en, michelle, Lukian The Wizard, kirksteele, simul, Blunderov, metahuman, Atheist Crusader, Matt Arnold, Joe Dees, Drakeo Vortex, LenKen, Beneficientor, Heretician, DJ dAndroid, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, falcox, teh, letheomaniac, Bohandez,
votervoted forcomment
David LuciferAccept this Nominee
no comment
HermitAccept this Nominee
Hypatia:Virian Saint
Mermaidprivateno comment
opsimaprivateno comment
JDAccept this Nominee
no comment
MoEnzymeAccept this Nominee
Considering the amount of equity voted here plus the E-zine article, I personally consider this illumination a done deal.
se7enprivateno comment
michelleAccept this Nominee
no comment
kirksteeleAccept this Nominee
no comment
simulprivatePerhaps people should start out as saints and dwindle over time?
Walter Wattsprivateno comment
BlunderovAccept this Nominee
no comment
metahumanReject this Nominee
no comment
Lukian The WizardAccept this Nominee
no comment
Atheist CrusaderAccept this Nominee
no comment
Matt ArnoldAccept this Nominee
no comment
Joe DeesAccept this Nominee
no comment
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
LenKenAccept this Nominee
Who knows what great literary treasures were lost forever in the conflagration? Beware of dogma indeed.
Beneficientorprivateno comment
Hereticianprivateno comment
DJ dAndroidAccept this Nominee
no comment
chippedlogicprivateno comment
Pabreetzioprivateno comment
picklerprivateno comment
falcoxAccept this Nominee
no comment
tehAccept this Nominee
no comment
letheomaniacAccept this Nominee
no comment
Bohandezprivateno comment

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