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Are humans capable of being selfless?

Do you think humans are capable of being truely selfless?

Yes0.77 (55.34%)
No0.59 (42.58%)
Undecided0.03 (2.08%)

decisiveness (0.18%)
unvoted equity (59.13%)
voted equity (40.87%)

55 Voters: Blunderov, ElvenSage, Hermit, Ophis, rhinoceros, Kid-A, DrSebby, Matt Arnold, outlawpoet, Flux, RavenBlack, David Lucifer, goomba, prometheus, Walter Watts, Hermitess, referent, Warlock, the.bricoleur, Smucker, Cassidy McGurk, Kalkor, Sat, Kharin, Mermaid, opsima, Casey, michelle, Lukian The Wizard, MoEnzyme, simul, Aryn Ravenlocke, atra, metahuman, Rhysenn, Galt, Gunit, Nikolai, Atheist Crusader, Cydonia, LenKen, Joe Dees, nedwob, Drakeo Vortex, ZenWarrior, Heretician, Alex Future Bokov, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, archangelsin, teh, deusdiabolus, Fox, Bohandez,
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Mermaidprivateno comment
opsimaprivateno comment
Blunderovprivateno comment
Caseyprivateno comment
no comment
Yes, genetically driven, but still good moral ideas and values can be created and carried out, as loss to the genome of the individual, but at an advantage to the culture.
yah like I was walking down the street like and this blind dude asked me where he was, so I told him, I mean I could have sent him into an oncoming vehicle or something...if that wasnt a selfless act I dunno what is.....
Lukian The WizardNo
no comment
I think that humans generally act on some combination of selfish and selfless (memetic?) motives. Whether or not selflessness is normal or good, I would have to conclude that we have such a capacity. It's part of what makes people memetically receptive.
Selfless in that all "returns" for service are spiritual/intangible... not physical. IE: I give my vote and comment - in return I get a sense of community and the possiblity of a rational future.
Walter WattsNo
You mean like when we lay jelly donuts next to anthills?
Aryn Ravenlockeprivateno comment
Read the selfish gene heh
no comment
no comment
no comment
no comment
Nikolaiprivateno comment
Atheist Crusaderprivateno comment
People who help close kin sometimes do so to the detriment of their selves (though not their genes), and countless people throw their lives away for the benefit of memes. Is that truly selfless? You decide.
Matt ArnoldUndecided
Depends on what this means! Of course people are able to be altruistic or authoritarian drones. But this serves their drives and needs, which is their self.
Joe DeesNo
no comment
no comment
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
It takes knowing of only one exception of selfishness to require an answer of "yes." Of at least one, I am aware.
Hereticianprivateno comment
Alex Future BokovNo
no comment
no comment
That is the idea this church is based upon, isnt it? Thats what memes do to us- make us selfless
most definitely!
no comment
no comment
...but it requires a lot of effort and dedication.
As far as I can determine there is no such thing as a selfless act without a selfish motive.
no comment

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