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2019-07-16 09:03:03 CoV Wiki
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News: Do you want to know where you stand?

Did Jake attack Dees?

Does Jake's message constitute a personal attack on Joe Dees?

guilty72.11 (87.19%)
not guilty10.59 (12.81%)

decisiveness (61.52%)
unvoted equity (17.30%)
voted equity (82.70%)

16 Voters: Kid-A, Hermit, Sat, Joe Dees, rhinoceros, Cassidy McGurk, Kharin, Walter Watts, MoEnzyme, Zloduska, Kalkor, outlawpoet, Hermitess, David Lucifer, DrSebby, Blunderov,
votervoted forcomment
Kid-Aprivateno comment

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