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2019-08-21 07:15:59 CoV Wiki
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Should ratings be public?

Should everyone be able to see all the ratings in the reputation system?

Yes90.00 (99.29%)
No0.65 (0.71%)

decisiveness (89.35%)
unvoted equity (9.30%)
voted equity (90.70%)

45 Voters: Sat, Ophis, Kid-A, referent, David Lucifer, Hermit, prometheus, Joe Dees, Walter Watts, Hermitess, rhinoceros, Kharin, ElvenSage, Cassidy McGurk, MoEnzyme, outlawpoet, DrSebby, Blunderov, goomba, Feagwath, Flux, RavenBlack, Matt Arnold, opsima, the.bricoleur, Warlock, Smucker, Kalkor, Casey, Mermaid, michelle, Lukian The Wizard, simul, metahuman, Galt, LenKen, Heretician, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, Drakeo Vortex, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, teh, SecondSpeaker,
votervoted forcomment
Mermaidprivateno comment
Caseyprivateno comment
I'm not sure I agree with this heirarchical judgemental trend, but if we're going to have to play this way, honesty and openness is the best policy.
Lukian The WizardYes
no comment
I just think that things will degenerate into tit for tat or we will get less honest ratings this way unless the goal is to put people in the position to justify and defend their ratings.
You should be able to choose in your profile...
You should be able to choose in your profile...
no comment
Knowing what others think of you, and vice versa, is - or should be - helpful feedback. Knowing who is affecting your rating - and how - will minimize miscommunication.
Matt ArnoldYes
no comment
Joe DeesYes
no comment
If this is how we’re gonna play the game, then everybody should be able to see everybody else’s scorecard—when people are held accountable for their actions, they tend to be far more fair . . . and fairness is justice.
Hereticianprivateno comment
Alex Future BokovYes
no comment
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
chippedlogicprivateno comment
no comment
DJ dAndroidYes
no comment
no comment
goombaabstainedno comment
no comment
The ratings should be visible not who voted for who. In true democracy voting is secret.

Your vote will count for something when you join the reputation system

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