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1best of virusThe Ontogenesis of the Gurwitschian Perceptual Structure David Luciferclosed
2 Original material only?David Luciferopen (vote now)
3doctrineDoes God exist?David Luciferopen (revote)
4 Is evolution a fact?David Luciferopen (vote now)
5 Are we in the Matrix?David Luciferopen (revote)
6 When will the Singularity happen?David Luciferopen (vote now)
7 Does a deity exist?David Luciferopen (revote)
8 Is cryonics a good bet?David Luciferopen (vote now)
9 The truth about the truthDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
10 On human natureDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
11 The pursuit of happinessDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
12 Are humans capable of being selfless?ElvenSageopen (vote now)
13 Acceptable usage of the word 'create'David Luciferopen (vote now)
14 Global warmingDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
15 The virion dietDavid Luciferopen (revote)
16 The proactionary principleDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
17 Affirmative actionDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
18 Genetically modified foodDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
19 Life after deathDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
20 Same sex marriageDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
21 Who killed JFK?David Luciferopen (vote now)
22 Have ETs visited earth?David Luciferopen (vote now)
23 Déjà vuDavid Luciferopen (revote)
24 Ethics v MoralsMoEnzymeopen (vote now)
25 First SinDavid Luciferopen (revote)
26 Saint Alan TuringMoEnzymeclosed
27 Faith or DogmatismDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
28doctrine.saintsThe Illumination of HypatiaHermitopen (vote now)
29infectionChoose a month for Infection 2004David Luciferclosed
30 Choose a city for Infection 2004David Luciferclosed
31 Who is planning to attend?David Luciferclosed
32policyCoV Law part 1David Luciferclosed
33 Should ratings be public?David Luciferopen (vote now)
34 Should it be possible to withdraw?David Luciferopen (vote now)
35 How many different ratings should we use?David Luciferopen (vote now)
36 List rule: floodingDavid Luciferclosed
37 Accept the policy of Disownment?Hermitclosed
38 Disownment: Period before rejoin application allowed.Hermitclosed
39 Should voting records be public?Hermitclosed
40 Banned topic: war and terrorismDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
41 Limiting daily postsDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
42 Saints: real or fictional?David Luciferopen (vote now)
43 Saints: dead or alive?David Luciferopen (vote now)
44 Minimum reputation to postDavid Luciferclosed
45 Minimum reputation to post on the BBSCaseyopen (vote now)
46 Virian book club selectionDavid Luciferclosed
47policy.trialDid Jake attack Dees?David Luciferclosed
48pollHow old are you?David Luciferopen (vote now)
49 What's your sexual identity?David Luciferopen (vote now)
50 What is your MBTI?David Luciferopen (vote now)
51 Tell us about the computer[s] you use to access the CoVHermitopen (vote now)
52 E-Zine formatsElvenSageclosed
53 CoV presidential approval rating.MoEnzymeopen (vote now)
54 Virian Reading SuggestionsKharinopen (vote now)
55 Religious exposure...Mermaidopen (revote)
56 How committed are you?David Luciferopen (vote now)
57 How educated are you?David Luciferopen (vote now)
58 What is your IQ?David Luciferopen (revote)
59 Spreading the CoV memesOphisopen (vote now)
60 What kind of postmodernist are you?David Luciferopen (vote now)
61 Lifespan expectancyDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
62 What's your political orientation?David Luciferopen (vote now)
63 the american voting processDrSebbyopen (revote)
64 Reproductive CloningMoEnzymeopen (vote now)
65 The Passion of ChristMermaidopen (vote now)
66 Transvision 2004David Luciferclosed
67 What do you most admire in a person?prometheusopen (vote now)
68 Are you multi-lingual?David Luciferopen (vote now)
69 How much is the CoV worth to you?David Luciferopen (vote now)
70 NEW CoV: Mailing List?ElvenSageopen (vote now)
71 Biggest bad ass?David Luciferopen (vote now)
72 Sex Category in MeridionSatopen (vote now)
73testThis is a test voteDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
74 Test voteDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
75 a very important questionDavid Luciferopen (vote now)
76 CoV Online Collaboration ToolsOphisopen (vote now)

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