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From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 09:42:08 MDT

[Joe Dees]
The articles I posted on the dire threat that Saddam Hussein poses to
not only the region, but also to the stability of the world at large, should
be sufficient to stimulate debate, and also to counter Hermit's apparent
claim that it is safer for the US in particular and the world in general for
everyone to sit quietly with our collective thumbs up our asses waiting
to be atomically microwaved than to deal once and for all with the
palpable and progressive threat of a malevolent Saddam-ruled, oil-
wealthy and nuke-hungry Iraq.

And now Hermit will accuse me of spamming the list with articles from
such extremist and biased sources as the BBC News, Time, the
Washington Post, etc.; accusations he of course would never make had
the theme of the articles been SADDAM HUSSEIN: THE CUTE AND

Well, Joe I can accuse you of bad debating tactics if you expected that people would read anything more than the titles of this flood of articles. Do you think we haven't anything else in our "to read" list? You have certainly annoyed me. That, assuming you read all those articles yourself before posting them.

Putting aside the question whether an article coming from BBC News or Time or the Washington Post should be considered worth reading solely because of that fact (although I might take your recommendation for reading a specific such article), I didn't find anything related to these sources in the five first articles which I read before giving up.

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