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Wiki Terms

SpecialTerms must utilize embedded capitalization, i.e. are WikiWords.

WikiWords must be entered in the singular unless the thing refered to cannot exist in the singular.

Words and phrases which are not SpecialTerms and are added to the Virian Lexicon must not be capitalized, and all spaces must be removed.

WikiWords related to the Church of Virus must begin with the word "Virian" - no alternate forms are acceptable.

WikiWords related to this Wiki must begin with the word "Wiki" - no alternate forms are acceptable.

Document Trees

Current and proposed document tree roots include:

Document Header

Each page which is a document tree root (such as this one), must provide an index of backlinks to that page and the primary navigation from the [HomePage] for that object should be visible as "Cookie Trail"-like links at the top of the page.

A page which is not a document tree root must not contain a link to the [HomePage].

"Cookie Trail"-like links at the top of each page must reflect one of the above document tree roots and must provide links to the primary document access path.

Below this, cross indexing links to other paths may be provided.

Document Status

A WikiWord indicating the WikiPageStatus must be included on each page which is not a simple definition.

Currently, WikiPageStatus is indicated by:

A special link, AdminAttention <followed by the reason for the administration attention request>, is used to create an index of pages which require attention from the Administrator. This link may be added temporarily to any page, and will be removed (except for this example) once the administrator has dealt with it.

A number of special terms are used to deal with various Wiki policies. These include:

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