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This page provides a template intended to be copied to wiki pages which are intended to be used as FAQs. Note that items intended to be replaced by content are denoted by angle braces, like this: <some content>

Refer also to WikiPolicy which remains authoritative for Wiki related information including the WikiPageStatus of FAQ entries

To use this template, select edit and then copy everything from below the following line to the end of the template onto a new page. Edit until satisfied, then post. Do not save this page unless you intend to modify the template.

VirianFAQ | <FAQ Title - One WikiWord beginning with !VirianFAQ>?

<FAQ Title - as above - followed by a description if desired>

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Authorís notes for revision: <Revision Notes here - if First posted on the CoV Maillist use this format: This message was (with minor editing) originally posted to the mail list of the Church of Virus on <<date YYYY-MM-DD>> under the subject "<<Subject>>" >

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