Virian Vectors

WikiAffirmed VectorHermit

This Page exists to index all Virian Vectors, allowing ease of reference.

Each Vector should establish a page, titled as [VectorName?].

Vector names must be entered as <Vector><Prefered Name of Vector> as a WikiWord.

Other names or aliases used on the CoV list, BBS, Wiki or other facilities should appear on the page and may be linked to other pages or sites.

Where names contain prefixes (e.g. The, A, An'), these must be omitted. e.g. The Hermit is written as VectorHermit.

Multi word names: if hyphenated the hyphen must be retained. If comprised of space separated words, the spaces must be removed.

Where a name clash occurs (i.e. two Vectors sharing a prefered name), the first Vector to create a page shall use the name, and the second must use an identifying suffix.

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