Proposed Illumination Policy

Two criteria for Virian sainthood:


Mostly for consistency, it will prevent the situation where we have a deceased person rated higher in Meridion than a Virian saint. Moving to a Meridion-based process also has a few advantages:

Minimum reputation

Ideally it should be a fixed high number like 8. But until we can rate our current saints above that threshold I propose that we use a floating threshold defined by the lowest reputation of the currently illuminated, namely Darwin and Hypatia.


<MoEnzyme> Ideally it should take a while. Long enough to have a significant discussion. I'd dislike a situation where an interested participant takes a break for a few weeks and returns to a process that left him/her behind.
<MoEnzyme> Time would allow more people to get involved in the decision, which in many was is as important a consideration as not taking forever.
<MoEnzyme> It would also give some opportunity to build content. It would be nice to have web material at the time of completion.

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