The goal of this project is to generate a list of quiz questions and answers for the trivia game at CastleRadiance in SecondLife which is part of the larger VirianProjectRecruitment?.


Status will be measured by the number of Level 3 (ready) questions.

Initial Development
Phase 1 complete, trivia game questions will be replaced with the set from this project. Game will be advertised in SecondLife.
Phase 2 complete, trivia game will be updated with new set of questions
Phase 3 complete, trivia game will be updated with new set of questions


The trivia game is intended to give new people an entertaining introduction to the CoV. Questions should be about VirianDoctrine, VirianSaints, VirianHistory?, skepticism, humanism, science, religion, and philosophy.


The questions should be 80 characters or less. The correct answer must be short, 10 characters or less.

The Trivia game requires each question to be followed by 6 answers, followed be the number of the correct answer. To give you an idea, here are some of the questions provided with the game:

Which is the fastest land mammal?,Panther,Deer,Greyhound,Cheetah,Lion,Cougar,4
What colour is the bottom stripe on the flag of Germany?,Red,Yellow,Orange,White,Green,Blue,2
In what year was the first bikini shown at a fashion show?,1935,1938,1942,1946,1950,1954,4
In the game of Pokemon what colour is Pikachu?,Pink,Blue,Green,Red,Yellow,Orange,4

I will designate 3 status levels for a question:

  1. question : question only
  2. answered : question followed by the correct answer
  3. ready : question and answers in the trivia game format

Feel free to contribute new questions at any level, and to take questions to the next level. Adding a source to answered questions would be appreciated (and helpful in resolving disputes).

Trivia Clues

Level 1 (question only)

Level 2 (answered questions)

Level 3 (ready questions)

See VirianProjects

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