Vector HKH aka hkhenson aka Keith Henson


H. Keith Henson was one of the founders, and first president of the L5 Society, now merged with the National Space Society. During L5's successful fight against the Moon Treaty he testified before Congress. In the late 70s, he wrote papers with Eric Drexler of Nanotechnology fame, (They hold two patents jointly.) Nanotech got him into cryonics where he learned how to do cardiac surgery on cryonics patients. His interest in human rights, particularly free speech, led him into a battle on the Internet with a certain cult. As a result he is now a political refugee in Canada.

Memetics has been an interest of his since reading Selfish Gene about 1980. His 2002 memetics and evolutionary psychology paper "Sex, Drugs and Cults" is on the httpHuman-Nature Review site

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