by RobertAntonWilson

A polemic against fundamentalism of all sorts, especially as practiced by skeptics in the Citadel. Really good stuff about reality tunnels and mental models and varities of truth at the beginning of the book. The pages are liberally sprinkled with reports from all over about stuff falling from the sky: frogs, coins, statues, fish, etc. Wilson intimates that not all these reports can be attributed to mass hallicination or unscrupulous reporting so there must be something else going on. I don't know, I'm skeptical. Wilson says repeatedly that he's not trying to get you to believe anything, he just wants you to observe your reactions when reading about these strange events. To that extent it is an interesting exercise, I did find myself getting annoyed or worse. In the end I think he gives Science a bad rap. Sure there is dogma in science due to the failings of scientists but if you want a system for building new models whenever the old ones cease to be useful, nothing is better than science.


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