Charles Ludwig Dodgson aka Lewis Carrol


Charles Ludwig Dodgson is better known as a novelist under his pen-name, Lewis Carrol, than as a Mathematician and Logician, yet he was no mean slouch at either. He is the author most likely to be quoted on the Church of Virus, proving the longevity and appeal of the memes he instigated.The "Hunting of the Snark," "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" will certainly outlast us all and provide a continuing source of material to parody for generations to come. And the rumor of a few of his plates not to escape burning by Mrs. Grundy, will continue to inspire discussion which will offend and challenge her for so long as she lives. Which seems to be for as long as people will exist. Like Darwin and Hypatia, I suggest that Charles Ludwig Dodgson would make a superb saint in the Church of Virus and it gives me great pleasure to nominate him.

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