This Wiki provides a way for the VirusCommunity? to collaborate on the VirusDoctrine?. I'm not sure how well, or even if it is going to work yet. I've had varying degrees of success with Wiki webs at work. It all depends on whether the community embraces the idea of collaborative content creation.

There are a couple ways that I see this working. One is to view this area of the web site as a scratchpad for the official web site. As content is developed and refined here, I will transfer it to <http>. The other way it could go, is that this Wiki eventually _becomes_ the official site. This would be contigent on a couple future technological developments: more fine-grained control over who could edit what, and better control over the look of the pages.

As Zloduska? has noted, one of the main inspirations for this project is the httpEverything2 site. It is worth a visit to see the potential of a collaborative web site.


Last edited on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 3:57:34 pm.