To contribute to this site, you first have to httpregister and httplogin to the httpVirus BBS.

Your name here will be a WikiWord derived from your "real name" in your BBS account. For example:

[1] MUHAHAHA! My crazy Czech moniker defies all logic and rules! So far 'Zloduska' seems to be valid and working. Single-word name, baby!
[2] Zloduska is correct, single word names do seem to work. Should I try to fix, or leaves as is? -- neuronaut (aka DavidLucifer)

Why fix what ain't broken? On second thought, I like having this as much official nick, but perhaps I should have LadyZ or something like that so I can have a page.

Update, I found and fixed the bug so now single names will get a Vector prefix. The reason I think this is important is so authors' names are automatically linked in the RecentChanges and diff pages. Any objections?

-- VectorNeuronaut? (aka DavidLucifer)

Last edited on Sunday, March 6, 2005 10:36:15 am.