Virian Saints


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Virian Illumination is the process used to establish Virian Saints.

The Church of Virus establishes Virian Saints as examples of what a Virian should strive to be or do.

Any VirianVector may propose the Illumination of a Virian Saint and the proposer is expected to create a wiki page supporting the Illumination of their nominee, and containing the text and links to images to be used on the Church of Virus httpwebsite (example: http

This wiki page may be edited by other VirianVectors and when the proposer is satisfied that the nomination is ready, the nomination, with a link to the Wiki, shall be posted to the BBS/List and a vote established.

Should the Nomination be accepted with a minimum decisiveness of 50%, the httpVirian Saints web page will be updated to reflect the Illumination of the new Virian Saint.

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