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Eliezer Yudkowsky is a Research Fellow at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Yudkowsky happened to pick Vernor Vinge's True Names off a library shelf at the age of sixteen, and has specialized directly in the Singularity ever since.

Yudkowsky is best known for his activist stance on the Singularity; that the Singularity will enormously benefit humanity, and that we should therefore try to accelerate the Singularity. He started the first Singularity mailing list to organize existing Singularity advocates into a community, and, slightly over a year later, helped to found the first nonprofit solely devoted to the in-depth study and direct implementation of the Singularity.

Yudkowsky's professional work focuses on Artificial Intelligence designs which enable self-understanding, self-modification, and recursive self-improvement ("seed AI"); and on Artificial Intelligence architectures that enable the creation of sustainable and improveable benevolence ("Friendly AI"). He has spoken on these two topics at venues ranging from private corporations to Foresight gatherings.

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