virus: Question

From: Lior Golgher (
Date: Sun Dec 29 1996 - 23:22:33 MST

Situation -
You're in 1996. You have this kind of device, let's call it a
Chronoscope. This Chronoscope functions just like ordinary binoculars,
except that through its oculars you can look some 40 years back. You've
just happened to spot Bill Clinton of 1956.
You know he's going to become the president of the U.S.. You happen to
know some of his 'future' decisions.

Question(s) -
>From all that knowledge on 'future' Clinton, what can you deduce on 1956
Does it help you understand his decisions?
Does it make them more pre-determined?
Does it prevent 1956-Clinton of becoming an artist? a dentist? a beggar?
of commiting sucide?


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