Re: virus: Remember kids Gov. Brand Bleach is bad for the Brain

From: Mark Collins (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 17:55:39 MDT

On Monday 29 July 2002 11:56 pm, you wrote:
> Im curious why, in your opinion, this is idiotic?
> I am willing to provide links to all the research I have done that help
> prove
> my point.
> I would ask that you be willing to do the same if you are going to
> criticise
> without providing argument.

It is idiotic because, if the US Gov. wanted an excuse in institute what
really equates to marshal law, there are much better ways to do it, which
wouldn't have the same potential backlash of a civil war if it came out. A
"defused" bomb outside the whitehouse, for example, would probably provoke
the same public outcry as the events of September 11.

Not everyone in the US is a complete retard, as demonstrated by a great
number of people on this list, and only a complete retard would risk
something like that and try to blame it on a desirable target.

> Also... are you a citizen of the the United States?

Hell no.

> If so have you ever served in the armed services?

No. See my Lao Tzu quote for a reason why.

> Would you consider yourself patriotic?

See above.

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