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Now this one I can buy into...
As long as you pay for the beers :-)


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> >>a song to sing when Virions meet.
> >>
> >>a joy to share with those who observe.
> >Some suggestions for songs...
> Well, the image I had in my fevered brain was not from any actual
> experience, because beyond the schooltime music period, I
> ain't got one,
> but from the 'drinking clubs' popular in the 18th and 19th centuries,
> where men, and some women, would gather at a pub on
> established nights
> and, in addition to shooting the shit and composing parodic
> broadsides
> that they would post on the way home, they would sing- not
> any particular
> song- more like a Gilbert & Sullivan thing, where they would
> adlib to the
> tune. The song don't matter a fetid pair of dingo's kidneys. But the
> atmosphere, the participation, the wit, and the food and drink and
> companionship were what mattered. And some people would come
> to that pub
> for the implicit purpose of seeing and hearing this group. It
> was also a
> 'business' meeting, in that these were writers and
> politicians and such,
> even clergy.
> So it's more that this group, in the course of its meeting,
> breaks into
> song.
> I don't want a hymnal here, for Random Quanta's sake....
> But if the thong fits....
> - Wade