Re: virus: Virian manifesto

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:12:07 -0400


I loved the *content* of the manifesto, but thought that it was lacking in flow... it was choppy. It also presupposed a large vocabulary in the reader; there were even a few words I haven't seen before (I'm quite well read), although the context makes it clear what you meant.

I came up with a great slogan for posters and such promoting virus --

Virus... are you infected?

I love ambiguity of the slogan... someone who knows nothing about Virus might think of it in terms of a disease, and so check out the
(referenced) web site... getting there, they should find out that
Virus (the CoV) is the *cure* for other infections, and yet, paradoxically, is itself a "virus of the mind", designed to infect them. The meaning of the slogan changes as you learn more about us!

I'm working on a Virian poster with that slogan and the 'o' of atheism[1]... I'll post it as a jpeg or gif when I'm happy with it.