Re: virus: UTism and Media Memetics

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 00:34:24 -0700

psypher wrote:

> my knowledge the aboriginal culture of continental Australia is
>the oldest surviving on the planet with an intact structure spanning
>tens of thousands of years by some accounts. So far as I know [and my
>knowledge is admittedly sketchy] there is no THEM in the Aboriginal
>...could their survival perhaps be linked in someway to their idea
>that each member of the group is enacting a role in a great tale?

Which is another approach to the same idea -- rather than create a larger "THEM", you can redefine the "US" as a bigger, more inclusive group. (Although I think our genetic predisposition to live in groups of 500-1000 may make that an uphill battle for any meme.)

-Prof. Tim