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> While I don't doubt that a person can arbitrarily choose a "purpose"...
> this "overcoming self-negation" (getting past ok?) must involve
> "self-willed" FORCE: As well, it is ultimately counter-productive
> assuming there is a *prime effect* that one might discern from one's
> past successes (and assuming that one might, for some reason, "choose" a
> purpose which is different from that which is historically caused and/or
> embodied by that individual through his/ her most consistent and
> efficient efforts).
> NO. There is no individually determined truth (if there are multiple
> truths, there is NO truth).
> This "level 3" thing STILL sounds like "switching your story on the fly"
> (as if to say "that's what I meant all along"). As described, it
> appears to be no more than another form of mutual condonation-- or a
> pedantic justification for promoting liars to positions of yes-men so as
> to overcome individually- discernible moral truths* through sheer group
> force.
> *moral truths-- meant to imply logical necessities as contrasted from
> arbitrary purposes
Greas up your sphinctor, Brodie; the Brettster seems to be seeking another butt-buddy, and methinks that from all appearances he's decided that it's your turn in his bizarre and nonsensical barrel.
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