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Backtracking somewhat I might agree (that eyes are tools and thus represent the same, or similar, "technology" which produces other tools... wrenches, hammers, etc.). Except, the nature of technology changes AFTER the point at which technology produces such institutions (schools, homes, churches... eyes, immune systems, etc.).

The nature of technology ultimately becomes defined as the process of creating the IMPLEMENTS of a SOCIETY (by which such prior systems-- biological and otherwise-- are augmented). And so, to the extent that technology might be defined BY these products, such technology is further distinguished by its relationship TO these systems.

Thus, "technology" as it is popularly used (to refer to the mechanical argumentations of one's body and the way these might be viewed as things which are separate from the people who produce them)-- that is, *technology* which relates to the artifacts of a SOCIETY-- takes on a different meaning AT A CERTAIN POINT... beyond which, looking backward, we may be hardpressed to define the process as being one and the same.

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> Websters uses the definition "a manner of accomplishing a task..."
> (especially regarding the way knowledge may be applied).
> My understanding allows that a technology is a NATURAL process.

I agree. But I am wondering if this is the best word to use to describe the process.

> Eyes, immune systems, etc. (while seeming to be types of "tools") are
> more the PRODUCT of a technology than a technology proper. Thus,
> *specialization* might be the technology which produces such biological
> products.

I would say that all the 'tools' we get from 'technology' are specializations. I think that our 'tools' that we have made fall under the same proccess that made our biological 'tools' (and i guess, our bodies). The proccess seems similar enough.