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Wed, 26 May 1999 15:38:14 -0500

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> Joe Dees wrote:
> >My entry for the chorus of "Broken-Winged Angel"
> >Contribute or change at will.
> >
> >There'll be no children from this union,
> >I'm not a lover, I'm a clown
> >And there'll be others who'll be with her
> >Just like me they'll lay their money down
> >She's a Broken-Winged Angel
> >But for me, she's a blessing
> >The best benediction that I've found.
> That's not a Country song, that's a Nikki Sudden song! Just add some
> mentons of hearts, booze, rivers, lantern lights, and lying naked on the
> sheets.
They say we're hell-bound sinners
But I've found heaven in your arms
My Broken-Winged Angel, where's the harm?

This is more than merely an academic exercise. The tide really began turning for medical marijuana use (and yes, I also believe eventual decriminalization) with the popularity of country songs, such as "Wildwood Weed", "Long-Haired Country Boy" and "Copperhead Road", dealing approvingly with such a perspective (these things take about a generation to percolate through). If we wish to see governmental restrictions also removed from other victimless crimes, such as prostitution, homosexuality, etc., we need to get those memes sung by heartland America, so that, first the polls, then the political sea will change regarding them.