RE: virus: implicit assumptions

Dan Plante (
Mon, 24 May 1999 23:18:40 -0700

At 02:47 PM 24/05/99 -0500, TheHermit wrote:
>Think of it this way, we have all seen the average rock, and assuming a
>normal distribution, fully half of the rocks have to be stupider than that.
>A few are simply out to demonstrate that this is indeed the case. Every
>curve has a bottom, and a few noisy, mossless rocks are simply seeking their
>place in the sun. If you ignore them, they will settle down much faster. Of
>course, the temptation to use them as boulles or to play marbles with them
>can be pretty irresistable.


(and I mean that in a very non-Christian-Apologetic kind of way ;-)