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> I asked my sister-in-law one time if there was a situation in which she
> could imagine having sex with one of her sons. SHE said that she could
> imagine it happening... perhaps in the situation where the son was
> disabled and would never be able to have a woman otherwise.
> This is just to show-- from a mother's perspective-- that sex is not
> necessarily perversion by the definition given.

> Another example, knowing your own mothers, sex which your mothers
> consent to, indirectly... that is, sex which she can rationalize (ie.
> for family and children's sakes) ARE acts which are performed upon one's
> mother. This example suggests that if one can maintain ties with the
> degree of acceptance that one's own mother represents (and certain ties
> to one's actual mother in the face of certain acts performed), then
> these acts are not perverse.

> In situations where one's own mother can condone certain acts which
> other mothers might find perverse (and convey the acceptability to her
> son's and daughters in a way that isn't considered "perverse" in its own
> right), one must resort to a more pure logic... one in which "mother"
> represents other than one's own biological mother (ie. "holy mother").
> Only in such cases can we speak of a righteousness which might be termed
> "immaculate conception"-- though by degrees, we can assume that this
> standard is represented by the biological and social roles of actual
> mothers (and to a certain extent, "fathers").

> It is a good definition. An individual's inability to imagine sex which
> is acceptable to their own mother would be more indicative of that
> person's perversions than of the utility of the definition (or else
> shows a lack of imagination).

Well drop those knickers and bend over, boy, your daddy's waiting (and if he says it's ok, I guess it is to you, too).
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