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Sat, 22 May 1999 12:42:53 -0400 (EDT) no sense can our civilization be said to fulfil the criteria for symbioses. We have constructed a hierarchy propagated through force to maintain the priviledge of a tiny segment of the global poulace much to the detriment of the rest. In a symbiotic system organisms live in close cooperation to the benefit of all involved. ...there is no society presently in existence which honours the principle of "basic human rights". I refer you to

which provides an English translation of the United Nations "Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

...I restate: "modern civilization" is not founded on the premises of "human rights" but is instead based on the exercise of force [military, economic and otherwise] to the continuing advantage of an entrenched oligarchy at the cost of the sanctity of life, the value of liberty and the stability of ecology.

> But not within a symbiotic civilization. "Moral" symbioses is the
> foundation of modern civilization. If we are hard darwinians we
> dont have societies with basic human rights.

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