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Extremists are the "touchy" ones in which everything bothers and irriates them. It is not the same personality as in a truthseeker or a whistleblower.Issues like improving water and air originally were new and important ideas. Much has been done to better the environment since then.

Those that keep harping over and over about the air... that is better, the water... that is better, the forests... which are better, the industry which is... leaner and cleaner and blah blah blah blah...... dont even recognize the good things that environmentalism has achieved AND the continued ongoing work being done. Nothing is ever good enough and they are the fisherman's wife; the children that cried wolf!

Environmentalism wasnt extreme when it was new. Feminism wasn't authoritarian when it started. They were novel and revolutionary and were treated as such, with distrust, with questions, with a welcome and sometimes with contempt. But overall the birth of these movements was embraced by western culture: women have much more independance and power and the environment is better.

Someone may start screaming and alert us to something that needs attention and repair. But the extremists keep screaming when its fixed.

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...of course, a lot of the time, without the extremists, there would be no issue to begin with.


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>>Robin.....You are absolutely correct in your accessment of my
>>caricature.  The point we all forget is that it IS the extremists

> that >usually define the platform, the reactions, then the policy
> initiatives. >The extremists end up defining whole groups, which is
> not fair of >course. The extremists then end up framing the
> arguments.The >legislation then proposed becomes not a piece of
> pragmatic, practical >legislation but reactionary The real
> arguments and wise choices get >lost in the scuffle.
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> OK, I can go along with that.
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