virus: Gutless tactics

Sun, 09 May 1999 13:30:41 -0700

Snow Leopard wrote:

> Well, you know what? I have no intention of quitting this list. I'm in it
> for the long haul.

Glad to have you on board.

> I've been meaning to write on some of your topics as well- they're
> fairly fascinating,

I anxiously await reading your first post on the topic to which this list is devoted. Do you know the purpose of this list? I'm not asking for your opinion, by the way. I'm not asking you to do any expository writing here. There is a clearly defined statement of intent for this list to be found on the Church of the Virus website.

> but because of everyone poking us with separate
> questions just because we stand up and say "We're different", I haven't been
> able to.

What a vacuous, pusillanimous, victim-stance! Give us break, Snow. You get poked (not be me) by people on this list for being DOGMATIC. You are certainly not "different" from the rest of the unconscious heard in that respect. Now I'M poking you for adopting the disingenuous evasive strategy of playing the poor oppressed martyrs.

The fact that there are multiple players behind the Snow Leopard icon also strikes me as cowardly. There are multiple places on the web (hotmail, hotbot, yahoo, etc) where you can get a free email account of your very own. There is no reason for you to play tag team under the Snow Leopard moniker. Come out and take a stand for yourself so we always know who's accountable for your arguments and assertions. Show us some of that famed Christian courage.

> If you'd like to limit stuff, I think it should be fair. I'm sure you think
> it should be fair, too, just on a different definition.

What does "fair" mean in this context?

> I'm willing to
> avoid saying some stuff, but whether or not I repeat Lord/liar/lunatic or
> the rest of it, just remember, I haven't actually goten one response with
> enough guts to give a fair answer.

Say whatever you want. If it's off topic but the Virians still respond, well, then they have only themselves to blame if they let you turn the Virus list into a forum for Christian apologetics.

Saying that you haven't gotten one response with enough guts to give a fair answer is a gutless way to insult somebody. If you're going to call someone gutless, then tell who you're targeting with your slander, Snow Leopard. Vague slander with no clearly identified recipient is in no way useful for anything other than propping up your own self-image as the besieged Christian.

If the responses to your questions have not answered to your interests, then clarify your questions and let us know specifically what would constitute a "fair" answer to the concerns you hope to express and get us to consider. If you don't do that then you have no grounds for claiming that you've been the victim of unfair tactics.