virus: Is it a He? Is it a She? Is it a chunk of flying rubber cheese? (was: virus: Andro-homo-gynes

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 4 May 1999 08:33:53 +0100

In message <>, Zloduska <> writes
>As you said, (sort of) there is
>a movement of clueless, tyrannical adults and crotchety old politicians in
>this country to control "adolescence" and make everyone conform into a
>certain mold of hetero-sexual, God-fearing, Celine Dion-listening,
>ridiculously patriotic sheep. Also, there is a counter-movement against
>that, of people who want DIVERSITY and the freedom to be different.

Both movements are eternal (or as eternal as civilised society): the old safety-seekers versus the young excitement-seekers. As a middle-aged (but young at heart!) man, I can see both sides.